Multiple levels function

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/*The following example shows functions at multiple levels - one being called by another:*/
main ()
	/* print a message */
	printf ("Welcome to C.");
	disp_msg ();
	printf ("for good learning");
disp_msg ()
	/* print another message */

///*** 無料ユーザー登録後、正常なすべてのコードが表示されます ***///


c_cpp Multiple levels function

The output of the preceding program is:
Welcome to C. All the best for good learning.
In the preceding program:
main(): Is the first function to be executed.
disp_msg(): Is a programmer-defined function that can be independently called by any other function.
(): Are used for passing values to functions, depending on whether the receiving function is expecting any parameter.
Semicolon (;): Is used to terminate executable lines.